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CPAP machine heated humidifiers and water chamber tanks and tubs for sale. If you find that you are still getting nasal and mouth dryness while using CPAP therapy you can then add a optional CPAP water chamber and heated humidifier to help with moisture in the air and CPAP heated humidification. We also sell a range of replacement CPAP machine water tray tub chambers and tanks for your CPAP machine humidifier.

When using CPAP humidifiers it’s very important to use distilled water ONLY. Even though tap water straight from the sink is probably more convenient to you and to access. All CPAP manufacturers and sleep clinicians worldwide recommend that you use distilled water only in the heated humidifiers water reservoir chamber. For very important reasons the heater plates will start to rust if you are using tap water which also contains chlorine, minerals and contaminants which will then start to discolour your water tank it will also start to calcify your water tub and have limescale starting to build up and it makes cleaning them very difficult!