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Nasal pillows CPAP masks are hugely popular with sleep apnea machine users, There is now a wide choice of CPAP nasal pillow masks for CPAP machines available from all the different CPAP manufacturers.

The ResMed P10 nasal pillow mask is the best you can get and if you like the hose at the top of the head style design the Philips DreamWear are the original and the top of the line best selling UtN under the nose style sleep apnoea masks.

The nasal pillow cushion style CPAP masks or nasal prongs are popular for nose breathers who require 12cm or less CPAP air pressure anything more than that can cause discomfort and a nasal style mask around your nose may suit you better which can tolerate higher CPAP pressures and allow more movement in bed without dislodging the nasal pillows prong mask style.

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