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devilbiss healthcare australia

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare are a global manufacturer and distributor of respiratory oxygen products and CPAP equipment around the world including here at DeVilbiss Healthcare Australia.

DeVilbiss CPAP Australia supplier of parts, supplies, accessories and products for sale to be used with the DeVilbiss SleepCube CPAP machine range. You can order online we deliver Australia wide.

” Unfortunately DeVilbiss CPAP discontinued. The covid 19 pandemic-driven raw materials shortages and challenges and obtaining the electronic chip component have limited DeVilbiss ability to produce a steady flow of CPAP machines any longer. These constraints have also driven a sharp rise in component pricing that exceeds a reasonable cost structure for them to produce any new CPAP machines. It has forced them into discontinuing the line of CPAP machine models – SleepCube and Blue. 

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has been an important contributor to the Sleep market. There first CPAP device was launched in 1989, followed not long after with one of the first commercially available auto-adjusting CPAPs, released in 1995, and then remote monitoring introduced in 2000. They appreciate all of the support from the many millions of customers they have had during the last 30 years.”